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TriForest震盪錐形瓶 (Erlenmeyer Flasks)


TriForest震盪錐形瓶是由透明度高且不會釋出化學物質的Lexan®材質所製造,此樹脂材質在經由伽馬輻射照射滅菌後依然可以維持高度透明。TriForest震盪錐形瓶被認證出的無病原菌及DNA酶/ RNA酶的殘存,是非常是適合用於細胞、微生物、植物培養,培養基的製備與貯存,以及所有的相關實驗所應用。它們適用所有標準培養箱的層板固定夾,並可放置在任何震盪層板上。

Sterile Individually Wrapped TriForest Erlenmeyer baffled base flasks series come individually packaged in easy-tear bags and pre-sterilized through gamma radiation to ensure maximum sterility and tamper-evidence.



  • 是所有玻璃或是塑膠震盪錐形瓶的理想替代品。
  • 專利設計的DuoCAP®可以密封防漏並達到無菌空氣置換的功能。
  • 減少氧化反應或pH值的變化。
  • 可以執行好氧/厭氧方式培養。
  • 隔離螺旋帽蓋可以遏制病原菌的汙染。
  • 可高溫高壓滅菌,且可多次重複使用。
  • 每個都獨立包裝在EZ袋。無菌保證度(Sterility Assurance Level, SAL)達SAL10-6之下。
  • 配有擾流板式瓶底設計,可增加培養基中的含氧量及混合效率。


Polycarbonate Erlenmeyer Flask (Baffled Base)

Baffled Base Cat. FBC2000S FBC1000S FBC0500S FBC0250S FBC0125S
Size / Volume 2000 mL 1000 mL 500 mL 250 mL 125 mL
Closure 53B 53B 38/430 38/430 38/430
Cap Type DuoCAP® DuoCAP® DuoCAP® DuoCAP® DuoCAP®
Units / Pack 6 6 12 12 24
(Total Units)
4(24) 4(24) 4(48) 6(72) 6(144)

Flask Dimension:

Baffled Base Cat. FBC2000S FBC1000S FBC500S FBC250S FBC125S
Size / Volume 2000 ml 1000 ml 500 ml 250 ml 125 ml
A• Base Diameter 165 mm 137 mm 105 mm 83 mm 71 mm
B• Height (w/o Cap) 265 mm 204 mm 156 mm 133 mm 105 mm
C• Height (w/ Cap) 276.8 mm 215.8 mm 165.3 mm 142.3 mm 114.3 mm

Polycarbonate Fernbach Flask (Baffled Base)

Baffled Base Cat. FBC3000S FBC7000S
Size / Volume 3000 mL 7000 mL
Closure 69B 53B
Suggested Culture Volume ≤1900ml ≤4000ml
Units / Pack 3 1
Packs/Case (Total Units) 4(12) 2(2)

Flask Dimension:

Baffled Base Cat. FBC3000S
Size / Volume 3000 ml
A• Base Diameter 230.5 mm
B• Height (w/o Cap) 250 mm
C• Height (w/ Cap) 260 mm
產品編號 產品描述 包裝
FBC0125S 125ml 培養瓶,含擾流板,單獨包裝,滅菌,含通氣蓋 6 packs/case(144)
FBC0250S 250ml培養瓶,含擾流板,單獨包裝,滅菌,含通氣蓋 6 packs/case(72)
FBC0500S 500ml培養瓶,含擾流板,單獨包裝,滅菌,含通氣蓋 4 packs/case(48)
FBC1000S 1000ml培養瓶,含擾流板,單獨包裝,滅菌,含通氣蓋 4 packs/case(24)
FBC2000S 2000ml培養瓶,含擾流板,單獨包裝,滅菌,含通氣蓋 4 packs/case(24)
FBC3000S 3000ml培養瓶,含擾流板,單獨包裝,滅菌,含通氣蓋 4 packs/case(12)
FBC-DCPC38S 0.22um PTFE(材質)通氣蓋, PP(材質), 38-430, 滅菌 72 each/pack
FBC-DCPC53S 0.22um PTFE(材質)通氣蓋, PP(材質), 53B, 滅菌 48 each/pack

Closure Systems & Accessories


Standard Cap

Provides closures to polycarbonate square, roundmedia bottles, PC vials and culture tubes. Blue isthe standard colorfor all caps though customcolors are available upon request.

Catalog # CPC-53 CPC-38 CPC-24 CPC-20
Neck Finish 53B 38/430 24/415 20/415
Units/Case 192 384 384 384


Tamper Evident Cap

Standard sealing method for all TriForest PETG products and polycarbonate media bottles. Tamper-evidence ensures and serves as proof of content containment. Ideal for consumables. Standard is blue.

Catalog # TECG-53 TECG-38 TECG-24 TECG-20
Neck Finish 53B 38/430 24/415 20/415
Units/Case 192 288 384 384


Vented DuoCap®

Accompanies both baffled flasks of all sizes. Also available for media bottles. Constructed in standard blue polypropylene with a PTFE 0.22 μm membrane. Ideal for aerobic/anaerobic cell culture.

Catalog # DCPC-69* DCPC-53 DCPC-38
Neck Finish 69B 53B 38/430

* The Vented DuoCAP 69B DCPC-69 is the only cap option for TriForest FBC3000S Fernbach Flasks.


Septum Cap

Serves as closure for flasks and media bottles. This cap comes in standard blue polypropylene with gray butyl rubber. Ideal for injectibles, especially pathogenic media.

Catalog # SCPC-53 SCPC-38
Neck Finish 53B 38/430
Units/Case 192 288


Septum DuoCAP®

This cap is an ingenious combination of our TriForest septum Cap and vented DuoCAPs™. It provides an additional layer of protection to the standard septum caps.

Catalog # DCSC-53 DCSC-38
Neck Finish 53B 38/430
Units/Case 192 288


Port Cap

Given the multiple port needs of our customers, we have designed the port cap in autoclavable polypropylene. It contains four ports that could be used simultaneously or separately. Port covers included.

Catalog # PHC-53S (4 ports) PHC-38S (3 ports)
Neck Finish 53B 38/430
Units/Case 1 1


Shaker Flask Clamps

TriForest polypropylene shaker clamps are carefully engineered to provide both clipping elasticity and motion resistance in one product. Featuring a non-scratch design, our shaker clamps come in standard blue color accompanied by stainless steel screws and washers. Our clamps fit all industry standard shaking incubators and are autoclavable for reuse.

Catalog # SFC2000 SFC1000 SFC500 SFC250 SFC125
Size (mL) 2000 1000 500 250 125
Height (mm) 89.57 mm 74.5 63.14 57.63 51.17
Diameter (mm) 169.10 mm 143.9 111.6 90.4 74.72

* The shaker flask clamps are only available for TriForest Erlenmeyer Flasks.


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