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Winpact Humidifier, FS-O-HMD


Winpact Humidifier is specially designed for solid state cultivation which not only provides real-time monitoring of the humidity but also adjusts the humidity to offer optimal culture conditions. Winpact Humidifier is directly connected to the controllers and it is able to automatically switch between normal air supply and moist air supply based on the desired set value and the present humidity with the software integration.

Measurement Range 20~80%RH at 25°C
Accuracy +/- 7%RH ( 20~80%RH at 25°C )
Control Mode Automatic
Power Requirement From Winpact fermentation controller
Operation Temperature Room temperature to 40°C
Material Black painted iron case
Tube Connection 8X5mm PU/PTFE tube
Power Indication LED indicator
Operation Indication LED indicator
Dimension (W x L x H) 241.8 X 320.5 X 138.7mm
Cat. No. Product Description
FS-O-HMD Humidity Detector for Solid State Fermentation System


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Winpact Humidifier, FS-O-HMD

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